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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Getting into the Spirit of Easter

My kids are so excited for today that they woke up asking, "can we color the Easter eggs now?" I had to gently remind them that we were going to do that this evening, not first thing in the morning. This didn't dampen their moods though, they started jumping up and down saying, "Yes! Yes! It's almost Easter!"

They know this year has been tough on us, but we've let them know that Easter can still be a fun time. We've also been sure to tell them the real reason we celebrate Easter, and it has nothing to do with the Easter Bunny. For some fun religious activities you can do with your kids to teach them about Easter, check out Apples for the Teacher for a great list of things you can do and print. I also found this other site for some fun, but not religious-themed printables.

The Easter egg hunt we were going to do in our back yard is a no-go since the weather isn't cooperating here. We still may try one indoors...though I do get nervous at the idea of an undiscovered egg reeking up the house. Haha! If we go that route, we'll have to pay careful attention to where we've placed every single egg and do a count afterward to make sure all are accounted for.

If you've procrastinated and are now scrambling for ideas of what to do for your kids, and need to do it on a budget, I found this article called Inexpensive Easter Baskets You Can Do for Yourself. Hopefully you can get some ideas you like there.

We're also planning an Easter dinner. We're baking a turkey (yes, I know most people do ham, but we had a certificate for a free turkey that needed to be used before the end of the month) with stuffing, mashed potatoes, gravy, jello fruit salad, rolls, deviled eggs and banana cream pie. We'll be having leftovers for days!

I wish you all a very Happy Easter. May your lives be blessed on this sacred day, and may you remember the reason behind this celebration in hard times. God Bless!

Thursday, April 2, 2009

We're Not Rock Bottom

Well, I got a not so great surprise when we got hubby's paycheck today. They didn't let him have the vacation day he used the day he got sick last week. I called the secretary to ask why and she told me it was against policy to use vacation days as sick leave and that all vacation days have to be pre-approved. If an emergency does come up, the boss has to approve that usage and all other non-vacation usages. I'm thinking: since when? It's not like hubby just started working there. He's been there for 14 years!

I told her that no one had mentioned this to hubby and she said, yes, they had--yesterday! Okay, so over a week after the fact (he's paid a week behind the actual work week) they say they told him? So I asked hubby what was going on with that, he said that his supervisor did tell him yesterday they might not approve his sick day. I wish he had told me that when it happened, but in any case, are they serious?

So, his paycheck is short in addition to being short. Haha (I know that makes a lot of sense)! But, we are not rock bottom. Yes, our finances are a mess right now. Yes, we are experiencing hard times and things are stressful. But, we still have some income, aren't homeless, have food in our cupboards and more importantly, we have each other.

I'll admit that I did leave a message for the boss, explaining our circumstances, reminding him that hubby rarely calls in sick (we're talking once every few years) and asking him if he would please approve the vacation day. I then called hubby so he wouldn't be surprised if he heard anything from his boss today. I don't know if I did the right thing, but I can't just sit and watch things get worse and not do anything about it. It probably would've been better coming from my husband, face-to-face with his boss, but he rarely gets the chance for that to happen.

Anyway, this situation has left things tight for Easter, as you can imagine. I'm thinking we'll go more creative this year. We'll continue the tradition of coloring eggs (the kids love to do that--and the dollar coloring kits work just fine for us), we'll have an Easter egg hunt in our back yard, and perhaps get some treats to hide, too (I have several coupons for bagged candy, so I can save money there). I think I'll go to the dollar store for baskets or buckets. I'll also be searching the internet for some other inexpensive ideas to make this Easter fun for the kids.

I really think the most important thing for them to know when it comes to Easter is why we celebrate it in the first place. It's not because some giant bunny wearing clothes hops into their house while they're sleeping to leave them little presents in their baskets. It's because our Savior was crucified and was risen. He lives. That is the most important gift.

So, no, we're not rock bottom. Yes, we are going through some really tough times right now. But I do believe, without a doubt, that we will get through them--maybe not in the way we would prefer, but in the right way--in His way.

If your family is going through a tough time too: stay strong, have faith--everything will be okay:)