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Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Say it Ain't Broke!

Okay, before I get started--yes, I'm fully aware that's not proper English! Haha!

So last week I was using my laptop (in fact I think I had just finished doing a post here), when all of the sudden it started making a horrible rattling sound. My heart stopped as I stared at it in horror, both waiting for and fearing what would happen next. When the noise continued, I hurriedly shut it off and set it down. I looked around for some assurance that I didn't hear what I just thought I heard. It's nearly Christmas, my laptop can't be broken now! How inconvenient--not to mention potentially expensive!

The only one who could offer any assurance was my one year old....and let me tell you, I wasn't all that comforted by her toothy grin at that moment. I picked my laptop up, gave it a gentle shake to see if there was anything rattling around in there and heard nothing. Hmmm....curious. So I took a deep breath and pushed the button to turn it back on. I started to let out a sigh of relief when it came on, with none of the awful rattling that prompted me to shut it off in the first place.

Well, that relief was short-lived. A message popped up saying that there was a dysfunction with my fan and if I continued to use my computer it would blow up in my face and all would be lost forever! Okay, okay, so it didn't word it exactly like that, but that's about what I got from it. NOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I'd already had the fan replaced six months ago. It just figures that it would go out again, now that the warranty was up LAST MONTH! Ugh!

I knew that sending it to the manufacturer with no warranty was going to cost mega-bucks. I don't have mega bucks. I don't even almost have mega bucks. After much hmm-ing and hah-ing, I decided to check on KSL classifieds. I mean, you can find just about anything on there. There had to be a repairman for sale right? You know what I mean....

Turns out there were multiple listings for computer repair. I narrowed down the search to my area and found one in my very town. That's when those cautionary tales started to come to mind. How did I know this stranger I was about to call could really fix my laptop? Just because he called his company Computer Nerds Consulting didn't necessarily mean I should trust him with my computer, right? Well, I figured I would call, get a feel for the person while talking to them about my laptop issue and then decide if I felt comfortable going that route.

Turns out I was in good hands. Funny enough I'd called a friend of ours whom I didn't know repaired computers in his spare time. Anyway, we had a good laugh about the fact that I hadn't recognized his number when calling it (or his voice when he answered said number), and then he assured me that he could indeed fix my laptop.

Well, I now have my laptop back and it's working better than ever (no more overheating either). I thought I should share my good fortune in finding an affordable and trustworthy computer repairman with others who find themselves in my shoes. They service Utah Valley to Salt Lake Valley all the way to Bear River Valley from east to west (to quote their website). The best part? They come to you at no extra charge! Oh, and they also say that if you're outside of their service area to still give them a call to see if they can help you.

You really won't find more affordable--and more importantly--trustworthy hands to fix your device. Oh and they help with other things too, check out their website for more information.

So if you are in need of some help, give them a call:

Computer Nerds Consulting