Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Are Parents Really Just Addicts?

It seems I'm finding all kinds of reasons to write lately, and today is no exception. When I logged in to the internet this morning I saw the headline to an article I just couldn't ignore. What was it? Parents Are Junkies. Did that just capture your attention in the same way it did mine?

I read it and had such a problem with several things stated in it that I did something I've never done before, I wrote a rebuttal. So a positive came out of the experience and I got to vent with my writing.

If any of you are interested in what I had to say, you can click on the link below here. Let me know what you think of my view.
Are Parents Really Just Addicts?

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  1. I should say that the article I wrote my article on was not meant to be a negative thing. I just had an issue with several of the comparisons it made and couldn't let it go. Still, I think it did have some merit, which is why I took the time to write about it in the first place :)