Friday, February 20, 2009

Getting Back on the Horse, so to Speak

So I've taken some time off of writing for a while. Why? Because my family grew from five to six last year. This is, of course, counting my spouse and me. I'm not that crazy--yet.

I'm very happy spending my time taking care of my family. To me, along with God, they come first. There's nothing more gratifying than knowing that you are helping to send a great person out into the world. At least, that's what I hope I'm doing. It's what I'm trying to do anyway.

I've always loved to write, for as long as I can remember. At nine years old I was drawing up my own children's books and trying to sell them to my neighbors for a quarter! No, I'm not kidding. I even managed to catch one nice grandmother on a good day and she bought one from me.

In sixth grade I was making story books for the kindergarten classes. This meant I got out of my classwork long enough to go read my creation to the kiddies. That was cerainly a plus!

By junior high I was writing poetry. All of it was about love, of course. My friends thought I was brilliant, and I have to admit it went to my head. I have to laugh now when I go back and read some of what I wrote then. At least I can say that I had a knack for rhyming.

In high school the school newspaper caught my eye. I spent my last three years on staff and doing mainly book reviews because they were the easiest and most entertaining for me. Of course, I'd have done better if I'd reviewed more of what other people were interested in, and not the romance books I was obsessed with at the time. My teacher did manage to yank a few public interest and feature articles out of me, and even patted me on the back for them, but they were never my preference.

My Creative Writing class was a blessing to me. I got to learn that not all poetry has to rhyme. I also learned that I wasn't nearly as good at it as I thought I was. But I found a love for creating fiction. It's stuck with me ever since and I have a long list of short stories to show for it.

I'd planned on going out into the world, becoming a world famous novelist, and maybe, eventually starting a family. You know what they say about best laid plans...

Instead, I fell inlove, got married, graduated as one of eight valedictorians (I only wish I were kidding), and gave up my full scholarship to start a family. Yes, it was exactly in that order.

Once I became a mother, I tried to continue writing, but my hands were so full of learning to be a mommy to my beautiful baby boy. Over the years he was followed-up with three perfect baby girls. Since adding to my family, I've picked up my writing now and again, whenever time, and yes, inspiration allowed.

I'm hoping to make a bigger impression in that world of writing this time. I'm ready to get back on the horse. I'm ready to start juggling more things and to learn and grow more as a writer and as a mother.

As a result of this particular juggling act, I've written two articles on eHow. I would love for you read them, as I think they will apply to most people in this hard economy. I planning on making a habit/job of this. Wish me luck!

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