Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Get the Word out

I promised I would share more of what we learned at the employment agency, and I intend to keep my word. She asked if my husband had done any networking. My ears immediately perked up because I've become very familiar with that term over the last few weeks. After all, it's the key to becoming a successful blogger and making a good living off the internet.

Of course, it would apply to a regular job too. It was another "oh, duh" moment. It makes sense that if you have experience and expertise in a certain area, and you're in need of work, that you would get the word out to others in that area. Our close friends and family all know what's going on, but we never thought of telling them, or anyone else for that matter, that my husband was looking for more work and would love for them to spread the word.

If you want to be successful in any business and you are looking to make money, you can't do that by being quiet and accepting things as they are. At most, we get what we ask for out of this life. If you work hard and ask for more, you're more likely to get it than someone who doesn't ask, right?

Anyway, make sure if you're looking for work, that you let friends, family, neighbors and even people from your church know that you are. This keeps more eyes looking and can produce more results for you than you'd get on your own. It's especially important that you connect with people in the same field as you're in so that they can let you know of available jobs too.

As for you blog/site owners, make sure you're networking too. Search out sites that are similar to yours. Connect with the owners and see about doing link exchanges. Make sure you're also connecting with people who would be your audience. Forums are a good place to start with this. One of my favorite places to network and do traffic exchange is LinkReferral.

Now get out there and spread the word:)

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