Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Making Money from Home

Well, folks, making money from home isn't easy, and don't let anyone ever tell you it is. There are a lot of scams out there, and you have to weed through those to find the good opportunities. A lot of the working at home jobs are in sales, and I'm not much of a sales person (though I could be, I suppose, if I had the time and wanted to put the effort into it).

Some of the work-at-home opportunities I've been alerted to just aren't feasible for me with four very noisy little ones at home. But I'll pass on the information to you. These are call center jobs you do from home. They used to be sent overseas, but these companies realized they could still save money by letting people do these jobs from home.

The time is dedicated, so you can't have a lot of background noise going on while you do it (exactly the reason why I can't do it). Apparently you can set your own hours, so that's a real plus. I guess if I wanted to go to bed later, or get up earlier, I could do this, but I really value the little sleep I get with a baby in our home! Haha

Here's the links to those sites (thank you to Jody Connolly, for sending them my way):

Alpine Access
West at Home

On another note, I've made a few bucks off the survey sites (you can find the links to the ones I use on this site), and I also made a bit from youdata (which they transferred right into my paypal account at the end of the week.

My most promising opportunity ($50 from surveyspot for shopping at a location I've never been to before) has hit a glitch, in that I had problem with the links, but finally got through to participate in the 60 minute panel. There was an issue in the end where the link took me back to surveyspot and mistakenly said I didn't qualify for the survey (which obviously I did, and had already completed it), so I've emailed their member services and hopefully it will be taken care of. They are backed by the Better Business Bureau, so I have high hopes.

I've been checking out some of the employment websites we got at the agency last week. One that is all for those who want to work from home is called Rat Race Rebellion. They try to check out all their opportunities before listing them, but wisely caution you to be careful and check things out for yourself before signing up for anything (especially jobs that you have to pay for).

That's all for today. More to come.


  1. I agree that finding work from home isn't that easy. I did find a lot of great info on mystery shopping, surveys and more at www.volition.com - just thought I'd share!


  2. Thanks Nellie!

    I am liking You Data so far. It's not a lot of money - but for the time invested (which is no time at all) it's worth the few minutes each week. I like the fact they pay every Friday - those few dollars start adding up quick!

  3. Yes there are lots of scams out there and they seem to increase when times get hard. I have actually done mystery shopping and after I got a list for my first 2 assignments I dropped it. It was way too much work for so little pay. The one that they had me do was go into a major supermarket and ask the person behind the deli counter a series of questions. I had to make it look natural. Then I had to find a store clerk and ask them where is the "(enter an item here)". I had to document how many people asked me if I had been helped. I had to purchase 3 items. I then had to buy my items leave the store and write down the names of the people I talked to and what they said. Then I had to go back in and do it again except ask someone in the bakery department a series of questions. It took over 2 hours not including the time to travel to the store. My pay was $20. My second job I turned it down flat because they wanted me to do a survey of the men's department at Sears. This time I was to ask some if they would do something unethical for me. They use mystery shoppers to weed out and fire employees so I decided that I would not participate in that kind of company dealings.